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Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Hey Mystery Club! Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2nd – May 6th. With summer approaching, I realize you are excited to have some free time. Before you race off into summer, don’t forget to show your teacher how much you appreciate them.

Here are seven ways to say “thanks” to your teacher, without spending your allowance:

  1. Write a teacher appreciation poem. Show off those skills you’ve polished all throughout the year by crafting beautifully worded prose that will make them proud.

  2. Printable cards can be found online and are a wonderful and inexpensive way to make your teacher feel special. Gallopade created this one just for you! FREE TEACHER APPRECIATION CARD

  3. Be old fashioned and bring them a piece of fruit from home. Teaching is exhausting and a crisp apple is a great boost of energy in the afternoon.

  4. Use your words! Sometimes a simple thank you can be as uplifting as a fancy gift.

  5. Write a letter of appreciation. Take a few minutes to sit down with pen and paper to tell your teacher all of the things you appreciate about them.

  6. Draw a picture for them. This can be a portrait of your teacher, a depiction of a moment when they helped you, or a drawing of their favorite book. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as the feeling behind the work of art is genuine, it will show through.

  7. Get to school early to help. Sweep the room, straighten papers or wipe down desks. Ask your teacher for a small task that would make their lives easier that day.

Thank you for being a member of my mystery club. Now get busy!


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