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Real Kids, Real Reviews: The Mystery at the Space Needle

Dean S., our resident Real Kid, has delivered his latest review!

Name: Dean S.​ Age: 12 Hometown: Green Lake, WI Book: The Mystery at the Space Needle

I really liked all of the cool places that the book explored. It made me want to go to Seattle! It was a very cool mystery, and the end was very exciting. It was very well written, with very few grammatical errors. But the plan to steal the coins, especially the security guards, after 54 years finding out about it, is a bit far-fetched. And also, why would Old Mike not tell the kids or Mimi and Papa not to do anything, instead of leaving vague clues. Also, it might give kids bad ideas about sneaking around and disobeying their parents. But other than that, it was very cool, and I would definitely recommend it to other kids, especially anyone who might go to Seattle in the future.

Dean S., Age 12 Junior Critic

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