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Where's Priscilla? Boston Marathon Mystery

Hey guys!

Have you heard of the Boston Marathon? It’s the oldest marathon race in the U.S. that is held every year in Boston, Massachusetts. Well, the 2017 race is coming up soon – on April 17! A few years ago Papa and Mimi took Christina and me to “Bean Town” (Boston) to visit our Aunt Emma, Uncle Fritz, and cousins Priscilla, Derian and C.F. during the Boston Marathon!

We found out so much about local Boston culture during our trip! We ate lobsters, learned that the race is always held on Patriot’s Day and has taken place every year since 1897 when only 18 men ran in the race. And our older cousin, Priscilla, was actually running in the marathon!

We woke up really early on race day and ate a yummy breakfast of blueberry pancakes before heading over to Hopkinton Common for the start of the race. Our cousins knew a secret spot where we could easily see the runners starting the race. We were actually able to see Priscilla and cheer her on… then she disappeared right before our eyes! Did she get sick and quickly step off the course? Did someone kidnap her? We headed to the spot where we had last seen her and we found a torn piece of bright pink fabric – the same color as Priscilla’s marathon outfit. But who would take her, and why? Was she recovered and did she finish the race? Well, we made it our mission to find out! You’ll have to read the book to find out what happened to Priscilla. I’ll let you check out the first three chapters here.

Do you like running? Do you watch or run in any local races in your hometown? Let us know and send us your favorite race pictures! We’ll post them on our site!

Talk to you later!


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