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Fun 4th of July Reads!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Hey kids,

I can’t believe that it’s already time to celebrate the Fourth of July! This summer is flying by!

Did you know that I have a bunch of books about the history of American Independence as well as books with American Patriotism themes? And they aren’t all mysteries either. I have some really great books that will give you the history and facts also…

- - - - -

<< American Patriotism >>

I put some of my favorite mysteries and activity books here. These would be great books to read as you celebrate Independence Day with your family and friends!

The Madcap Mystery of the Missing Liberty Bell - When Christina discovers that the Liberty Bell hanging in Liberty Center is a fake, she enlists Grant and two Philadelphia friends to help her find the real one. But time in running out! They have to solve this mystery before the Fourth of July! Some mysterious historical characters, including Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Betsy Ross, offer them clues. But are they actors... or are they ghosts?

The Mystery at Mount Vernon - Christina, Grant, Mimi and Papa bike to Mount Vernon, historic home of George Washington and find mystery, history and more "ooden"teeth than you can shake a stick at! EXTRA! Check out this fun Scavenger Hunt Activity for the mystery!

The Colonial Caper Mystery at Williamsburg - Grant and Christina can't wait to visit Colonial Williamsburg with their Mimi and Papa. And as soon as the kids arrive, they're whisked into a quirky colonial mystery involving a valuable missing map! It's a gift for the Queen of England-but where is it? Join Grant and Christina as they tour some taverns, carouse in the Capitol, take a wild carriage ride, and even end up in 'gool'-all in the name of the Queen!

Our Big Cool USA Coloring Book - Fun for all ages, the visuals provide a great backdrop to learn more about our country's history, landmarks, scenic places, symbols, prominent historic characters and more! Color your way across the USA! Great for home, school or on the road!

My First Book About Our Big Cool USA - This book includes word scramble, coloring, drawing, matching, word search, writing, trivia, fill-in-the-blank, and many other creative activities all about the United States. Great for home, school. or on the road!

- - - - -

<< American Independence >>

These books will give you the full picture of the history and meaning behind our fun Independence Day celebrations!

The American Revolution: How Our Nation Was Born - Explore the ins and outs of the American Revolution from the first cries of dissent to the signing of the treaties which told the world that the United States of America was a power to be reckoned with. This book is loaded with activities that will have your imaginations crossing icy rivers and dodging musket balls in the fight for freedom.

The Declaration of Independence: Quit Bossing Us Around! - Sit in the same room with Jefferson as he frets over the best words to convey his message. Stand in line with the great American patriots as they ink their signatures on the parchment. And Cheer with the crowds of colonists as the founding fathers read aloud one of the most cherished documents-the Declaration of Independence!

I’m Reading About the U.S. Constitution - The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the United States! What is so special about the Constitution? Let’s read about it and see!

George Washington Biography FunBook - George Washington is probably our most famous American. He is a real hero of American history. He was handsome and hard working. He was smart and brave. George was from Virginia. And, oh, yes-he was the first president of the United States!

I have plenty more books on these subjects as well. You can check them all out here.

Have fun and stay safe as you celebrate Independence Day!


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