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January Reading Bingo

Start the new decade with NEW reading habits! I've picked out some fun and interesting ways for you to get the pages turning. Can you get 5 in a row? I've even helped you out with a free space right in the middle.

Get reading and send in pictures of yourself with your BINGO board to be featured on the next newsletter.

Need more? Here is a list of 30 reading challenges for you. How many can you finish this year?


  1. Reread your favorite book

  2. Book swap with a friend

  3. Write a book review and mail it to the author

  4. Read 4 Chapters

  5. Make a crossword puzzle using the names of your family members

  6. Write a short poem

  7. Read under the covers with a flashlight

  8. Read about Martin Luther King Jr. on MLK Day

  9. Find a recipe and read it aloud while you cook

  10. Make up 5 words to describe a book you like

  11. Read a book about animals

  12. Discuss your favorite book with a family member

  13. Find an interesting picture book

  14. Read a book that has been turned into a movie

  15. Write a letter to the main character in a book. Ask them 5 questions

  16. Read a book with a female lead

  17. Become a member on

  18. Close your eyes and pick a book at random from the library

  19. Look up new words from your book in the dictionary

  20. Write an alternate ending to a book you've read recently

  21. Read aloud to your family pet

  22. Read a short-story you loved when you were younger

  23. Make a list of your top 10 favorite books! Why did you put them in this order?

  24. Read for 15 minutes before bed. Try not to fall asleep!

  25. Make a Wanted Poster for a character in the mystery you're reading

  26. Listen to an audio book

  27. Read for 15 minutes before bed. Try not to fall asleep!

  28. Ask a parent to recommend a book for you

  29. Read a book set in a different country

  30. Draw a scene from a book you have read

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