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  • Carole Marsh

Holiday Fun!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Snowflakes on my eyelashes, steaming hot chocolate, carolers at the

door, the scents of peppermint and pine wafting throughout the house...

these are some of my favorite sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of

the holidays. And it’s all coming very soon!

Get the Holidays started by making ornaments for the tree!

Materials: three craft or popsicle sticks, green paint, glitter, glue, assorted sequins or beads,

photograph (of child, family, or Christmas scene), red ribbon.


1. Paint the craft sticks and sprinkle on glitter.

2. After the sticks dry, glue them

together to form a triangle.

3. Glue on assorted sequins, beads, or other

decorations; let dry.

4. Trim the photograph to a triangle the same size

as the sticks.

5. Tie a red ribbon loop around the top

of the craft stick triangle.

6. Glue the photograph to the back of

the craft stick triangle.

Hang your Christmas Tree on your Christmas Tree!


Fun Christmas Trivia!

There are more than 15,000 Christmas tree growers in North America.

98% of all Christmas trees are grown on tree farms! The other 2% come from forests.

Helicopters are often used to lift harvested trees from farms.

Many people go directly to tree farms to cut their own tree for Christmas.

Christmas trees take 7-10 years to mature.

Trees can be harvested when they reach 6-7 feet.

Nearly all Christmas trees need “shearing” to get their Christmas tree shape.

One acre of Christmas trees gives off enough oxygen each day for 18 people.

More than 2,000 trees are planted on each acre.

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