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Carole Marsh Mystery Series

Masters of Disasters

The Treacherous Tornado Mystery

It happens every spring. The air and the earth begin to warm… Mother Nature wakes up from her long winter's nap, yawns, stretches… and Tornado season is born! Join a brother and sister and their sort-of-crazy-scientist father as they chase tornadoes to learn more about these dangerous storms. Believe it or not, there’s fun in funnel clouds… well, unless you get too close! Uh, oh, gotta go: HERE SHE COMES! Maybe we are in Kansas, Toto! Join this brother and sister team as they accompany their scientist dad on hair-raising adventures. Children ages 7-14 will be thrilled as the characters try to save the day. The kids also learn a lot about science. What child can resist learning about the power of mother-nature and the tools to stay safe as these interested kids confront nature head-on!

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The Treacherous Tornado Mystery


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