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James Bone – 007 Years Old – Licensed to Dig

The Tremendous Triceratops Trek

(Graphic Novel #2)


James and his friends Pick, Shovel, and his dog, Diggy, are off again to find fossils for Show and Tell. During their last adventure, they faced a rather 'bone-headed' adversary, but surely this time it will be an easy excavation...

Our die-hard dino buff is back for another adventure, thanks to his paleontologist mom, Mommypenny! Along with his friends, our young archaeologist finds himself digging through the layers of the earth and ice on the hunt for a larger-than-life discovery! Under the watchful (or napping) eyes of Dr. Archie Ologist, our explorers navigate the icy terrain of the frozen, wintry Dakota landscape – and there are TREMENDOUS TWISTS IN THE TREK FOR TRICERATOPS ahead!

No matter what stands in their way, these kids know that the key to success is to 'tri, tri again'!

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The Tremendous Triceratops Trek (Graphic Novel #2)



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Book Review

The book I read is a James Bone adventure! It was called The Tremendous Triceratops Trek by Carole Marsh. I loved everything about the book. The art, story, and everything else! It was also kinda funny! I would tell all my friends about it and tell them it is an awesome book! I loved the book!

– Annelise C.

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