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Play along with Gallopade's Summer Reading Bingo

After your last day of school, your Summer Reading Adventure BEGINS! Have fun!

Look at all of the Gallopade Summer Reading Bingo Board tasks and select some that catch your eye.


REMEMBER: Five squares in a row is how you WIN Bingo, so make sure the squares you choose form a line on the board, either left-to-right, top-to-bottom, or diagonally.




As you complete a square from the Bingo Board, take a picture of yourself or have someone take a picture of you doing that task. For example, if you want to read a book by the water, snap a selfie with your book in front of the pool, beach, or pond—or have a friend or family member take your picture while you read!

May 31st

June 14th

June 28th

July 12th

July 26th

GREEN SQUARES: To complete the Green Squares, have a family member check Gallopade’s Instagram channel with you (@gallopadebooks) on the dates below to find the clue that will help you answer the question and claim your square!

May 31st   |   June 14th   |   June 28th   |   July 12th   |   July 26th

Once you’ve completed five tasks that create a straight line on your Bingo Board, you and your family can either post your pictures on Instagram, tag @gallopadebooks and use the hashtag #CMBCSummerBingo*, and then email your completed Bingo Board to -OR- you can email your pictures with your Bingo Board to the same email address by:

Friday, August 2nd, 2024

*With a completed Photo Release Form from a parent or guardian, your pictures could be featured on Gallopade’s social media pages and Carole Marsh Book Club website!

You can complete the form here, or download the form and email it to us!


At the end of the summer, we will randomly select three winners who completed their Bingo Board! Each winner will receive a BIG prize you won’t want to miss!

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