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Carole Marsh Mystery Series

Girl Scout Mysteries

In these spooky stories, four girls find themselves in the middle of real mysteries that take all the Scouting skills they have to solve! The girls put their skills into action to solve these mysteries filled with giggles, goosebumps and s'more! 


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The Puppy Rescue Girl Scout Mystery

A group of generous girl scouts volunteer at an animal shelter… and end up in a doggone puzzling mystery full of twists, turns, and lots of perky puppies! 

Avery, Ella, and their two Girl Scout friends decide to show their love for animals by volunteering at an animal shelter. They have fun giving puppy baths, cuddling canines, and even cleaning cages! But when the girls realize that the dogs and puppies are disappearing, they become alarmed. Who is taking the precious pups? And why?? To make matters worse, there’s a hurricane coming! Join these inquisitive Girl Scouts as they track down the doggies that have stolen their hearts! 


The Giggling Ghost Girl Scout Mystery

When Christina and her friends head to Savannah, GA for the National Camporee in celebration of the Girl Scouts' 100th Anniversary, Christina reassures them that on this trip, there will be no funny business and no mysteries. But as they begin exploring the historic city they stumble upon creepy clues that lead them to River Street, a spooky cemetery, on a ghost tour, and even to Juliette Gordon Low's home. With just a few days before the Camporee begins, they find themselves in the middle of a real mystery that is going to need all of the Scouting skills they have, as well as their friendship, to solve!


The Creepy Campout Girl Scout Mystery

One Legendary Lizard, One Curious Cache, One Cryptic Lake, and Two Dastardly Dudes equals one ominous outdoor adventure. Ella and her friend Kiara are excited about a weekend Girl Scout campout with big sister Avery and her friend Pari. But when Ella’s sash goes missing shortly after their arrival, Ella becomes suspicious. Who took it? Was it another camper, or someone (or something!) else? Soon, the girls are drawn into an even greater mystery involving a mysterious madam, a ludicrous legend, and even a freaky, five-legged frog! What’s really going on at Cryptic Lake???


The Cookie Thief Girl Scout Mystery

One kooky cookie factory! One delivery truck! One slimy rat! And lots of cookies! Equals one delicious adventure! In The Cookie Thief Girl Scout Mystery, the suspected crime could not be more foul – someone at the factory adding the wrong ingredient to one of the most popular varieties of Girl Scout cookies! A real "treat" to read!


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