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James Bone – 007 Years Old – Licensed to Dig

The Awesome Allosaurus Adventure 

(Graphic Novel #1)


The name is Bone—JAMES BONE, 007-years-old and licensed to dig. He and his friends are on a secret mission to find fossils from around the globe to share at school. Will they complete their mission in time – or could this be the end of Show and Tell for our brave explorers?


James is a die-hard dino buff. Lucky for him, his paleontologist mom enlists his help with a big dig gig at a dino site! Along with his friends Pick, Shovel, and his dog Diggy, our young excavator ends up on a rambunctious, rip-ROARING archaeological adventure! Dr. Archie Ologist is napping on the job. Bonehead tries to beat them to the best finds. And it’s ALL ALLOSAURUS, ALL THE TIME! But rest assured: James always gets his bone.

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The Awesome Allosaurus Adventure (Graphic Novel #1)




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