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Carole Marsh Mystery Series

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Columbia Lastname: First Girl Colonist on Mars

Columbia Lastname has had an unusual life to be only eleven years old. Her physicist father has vanished during a tiny tear in time. Her mother is head of Citizens of the Cosmos, and so is never home. No wonder Columbia can see no reason not to as her father always wished for her-become the first girl colonist on the Red Planet-Mars. No, no reason at all, except that she has to leave home-probably forever? Can she take her dog, Scram? She’s slightly scared and severely smart. But is that enough to survive zero gravity? Loneliness? The long trip? The responsibilities? And what will she find? Who, if anyone, will she meet? Will she grow up? Get married? Have little Martian kids? Columbia’s sense of duty to take this awesome journey to become THE FIRST GIRL COLONIST ON MARS!

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Columbia Lastname: First Girl Colonist on Mars


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