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Carole Marsh Mystery Series

"First Girl" Mysteries

Read about these girls as they lead the way on amazing adventures.  


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Mary America-First Girl President of the United States

Mary America is now the first girl president of the United States. The inauguration has come and gone, the bells are over, and it's time for the new leader of the free world and the commander-in-chief to get to work! Mary's still getting used to a retired teacher being her secretary, the Secret Service following her around, and finding her way around her new home - the White House! Then there's her pesky younger brother, the First Gramps, and her Aunt Doodah and her baby trying way too hard to help. To make things worse, Mary still has school (and homework!), must go to Capitol Hill to see about the budget, and there's a big RED problem to solve! Mary needs help, and fast, so she calls her friends for a sleepover as they work hard, giggle a lot, and let's just say, “pig out” to resolve just one of Mary's many problems as THE FIRST GIRL PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!


Columbia Lastname: First Girl Colonist on Mars

Time burped… zero gravity… hair of the dog… Gourbots…Citizens of the Cosmos… and Little Green Men? It has to be someone, you know! Mars seems to get closer everyday as NASA plans a real mission, has already picked a real girl to go (she’ll be 33 then!), and the imaginations of today’s kids are fueled by books, movies, games and more. Indeed, I have read that the future astronauts who WILL go to Mars are just being born, or are ages up to early elementary school. Will YOUR child or grandchild go to Mars? (Just when I was only worried mine might go global on me!)


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