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Learn About the Candidates

Hey Mystery Solvers!

Christina again. Did you know a big presidential race is going on right now? We have a new flip book Learn About the 2016 Candidates explaining the candidates representing the two main political parties! It’s a big deal that we understand why this upcoming election is important!

Hillary Clinton is our representative for the Democratic Party, and could potentially be our first female president! Wouldn’t that be crazy after having only male presidents for the past 227 years to finally have a woman represent our country? Her side of the flip book starts by telling you who she is and what she likes. You can also learn where she stands on some political matters, her path to running for presidency, her role models, and how you can help build her supporters! Hillary’s side also gives general information about the Democratic Party and its history.

Flip Over!!!!

Donald Trump Is running for president as the Republican Candidate. He would also be considered a “first” as an American President. Donald Trump is a businessman not a politician, and we’ve never had a non-politician win presidency. He could really teach our country about business! You can also learn who Donald Trump is and where he stands on the same matters, plus you could compare his views to Hillary’s! Next read Trump’s path for running for office since it is very different from Hillary’s. You can also learn about the Republican Party and its history.

If you can, try and create your own opinion based off what you read about both candidates. You might notice that you agree with on candidate more than the other. This is normal! If you decided to talk about your opinions with friends, try and remember to respect that others may feel differently than you! Anyway, let me know what you learned from the New Presidential Flip Book!

Gotta Go, Talk to You Later!


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