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Check it off... Back to School!

Hi friends!

It’s that time again… back to school!

I always get excited at the beginning of a new school year. It’s a fresh start! Fresh pencils, notebooks, planner, and maybe a new backpack. It can be hard to get back into the swing of school after summer vacation, though. For me, it helps if I make a routine, and try my best to stick to it! Here’s a peek at my back to school routine for this year. I even made a few fun check lists that you can print off and hang in your room or bathroom to stay on track!

After School in the Afternoon- click here for download:

  • Empty out my backpack. Throw away any trash or unneeded papers that I stuck in there so I can stay decluttered!

  • Give important papers to my parents. I do this right off so I won’t forget, and they have plenty of time to look over them.

  • Eat a snack. School be draining. I need to get my energy back before I tackle the evening’s activities!

  • Do my homework. I like to get this out of the way first.

  • Play or head out to soccer practice or a Girl Scout meeting!

  • Dinner time with my family! We love to share stories about our day!

Before Bed at Night- click here for download:

  • Pack up backpack for the next day!

  • Bathe, brush my teeth.

  • Lay out my clothes and accessories for the next day. I do this is at night so I won’t be rushed in the morning!

Before School in the Morning- click here for download:

  • Eat breakfast. I try to eat something healthy with protein so it will hold me over until lunch time!

  • Get ready. Brush my teeth, do my hair and get dressed in the clothes I laid out the night before.

  • Do a final backpack check before we head out to school!

This year is going to be the toughest one yet for me academically. I want to make sure I keep my grades up (I’m hoping for straight A’s). I also came up with a check-list of things to help me achieve that! Click here for download.

  • Be prepared for class. Always turn in homework on time and don’t forget my tools for class!

  • Get a good night’s sleep, especially the night before a test!

  • Make a study schedule.

  • Take breaks when studying for a big test so I don’t get overwhelmed or overtired.

  • Do all the extra credit projects!

  • Even if it’s not for a test, still review the material so it is fresh in my mind.

  • Ask for help when I don’t understand something.

  • Relax and stay positive. Stressed out negativity doesn’t help!

Have you started back to school yet? What are some of your routines for the new school year?

Good luck this year!


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