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Cooking for the Class Project Ideas!

Hey guys!

Now that we’re back in school, most of us are going to start being assigned projects on the subjects we are studying. I’ve always thought it was super fun (and different) to find a recipe related to the topic on hand and, if possible, bring in a yummy treat for my class, instead of a traditional poster or reading presentation! I know that the idea of finding a subject-related recipe seems a bit overwhelming. You’re probably thinking, where do I start? Luckily, my Mimi put together a cook book of simple recipes, by subject, that can be easily prepared by kids like us (with a little supervision from an adult)! The book is called Classroom Cooking! Here are a few of my favorite recipe projects…

Revolutionary War studies – Berry, Berry Good Syllabub!click here to download the recipe for free!

Syllabub, a colonial dessert, was originally made with juice strained from bruised berries, but today you can just use 100 percent canned juice. It was originally brought to the colonies by the English and was very popular at Christmastime!

Presidential studies – Peanut Soupclick here to download the recipe for free!

What do George Washington and Jimmy Carter have in common? They were both United States Presidents, southern farmers and pean

ut lovers! Washington was a successful farmer before he took office. Carter took over his father’s peanut farm and peanut business.

Great Depression studies – War-Depression Cake click here to download the recipe for free!

The Great Depression was one of the most trying times in American history. Many families lost their homes and businesses. People had to be creative in the kitchen to make the little food they had stretch to feed a whole family!

There’s also a really helpful page of cooking terms in the back of the book. When I first started cooking for fun, I didn’t know what many of the words in some recipes actually meant for me to do. This is really helpful. Check it out before you get started! Click here to download Cooking Terms.

Have fun!


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