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Father's Day Fun

Hello young readers!

Did you know Father’s Day is just a few days away?

Grant and I wanted to share with you some of the great ideas we came up with for Father’s Day coming up on June 17th! Here are some pretty fun plans that we thought you might like too.

  • Hiking- Does your family like to be outside? Ask mom or another guardian to help you find a new hiking trail near you. Surprise Dad with a packed basket lunch and hit the trails together. Take the day to explore new places and climb great heights. Who knows, you may uncover a great mystery in your area!

  • Working in the yard- If your dad is anything like ours, he probably likes to spend the weekends cleaning up the yard. This weekend we thought we could help him plant flowers in the garden and pick those pesky weeds. When we are done, the garden will be so bright and colorful for our whole family to enjoy!

  • Family game night- Playing board games is one of our favorite ways to spend time together as a family. For Father’s Day this year, we want to make our own board game and so can you! The best part is that we all get to be our favorite characters….ourselves! This new board game will be as fun to make as it is to play, so just follow these instructions and you’ll be on your way to the best game night ever!

  • Movie night – Mimi was telling us that not all parents like to hike so we came up with the perfect ending to the night that the whole family will enjoy! All you need is a comfy living room, a big bowl of popcorn, and a few of your favorite movies. You’ll be on the way to having your very own movie theater to have the greatest movie night of all time!

Summer is the perfect time to celebrate the special people in our lives! I hope you liked some of our ideas and use them to spend time with your family this Father’s Day.


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