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4th of July at the National Mall!

Wow who would have thought our 4th of July would be SO eventful?! We just got back home and I wanted to share some highlights from our holiday that led me to write my 52nd Real Kids Real Places Mystery The Monumental Mystery on the National Mall!

I know what you may be thinking, The National Mall?? Who spends their 4th of July shopping and eating at food courts BUT actually The National Mall is an extraordinary hub of American history located in Washington D.C. The National Mall takes up two miles of the downtown area and is often called our nation’s front lawn. It extends

from the U.S Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. The National Mall has some of the country’s most well-known monuments and museums all in one place! So although it is called a MALL it is actually a state park. If you are interested in visiting a HUGE mall, I recommend the Mall of America in Minnesota – they have an indoor roller coaster, how cool!?

Our trip began with an eventful time at the airport where Evan finds a badge that peaks his interest… my grandkids always seem to find mysterious clues no matter where we go! Once we arrived in Washington D.C., Avery, Evan, Ella, Sadie, and a new friend visit many national monuments and soak in loads of American History at the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol, The Air and Space Museum, and the Reflecting Pool. But when a couple of mysterious men start on their trails, they know they’re in for a mystery on Capitol Hill!

Evan’s new camera captures some BIG clues that make him a major detective in this mystery! How, you ask? Well, besides the pictures of monuments, George Washington’s look-a-like, and Avery brushing her teeth (haha), he snaps some important pictures that lead us right to our suspect!

I would hate to give away too many details and spoil the surprise ending but I hope you all will read my new book The Monumental Mystery on the National Mall and let me know your thoughts! This is my 52nd addition to the Real Kids Real Places series and I am beyond thrilled to have so many awesome kids across the world interested in my adventures!

And do you want to know a secret? My next book is coming out in August and you’re the first to know!

Carole Marsh

Leave a comment below of where our next mystery should take place!

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