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12 Months of Reading!

Not sure what to read for the rest of the year? Don't worry! I hand selected these Real Kids! Real Places! titles just for you awesome mystery solvers!

Here are 12 titles that will have you as happy as baby Groot AND teach you a thing or two about some super cool locations in the United States!


One of these books catch your eye?

Click on the image to read more about each book!


Take a field trip to the biggest, spookiest mansion in the U.S. in

The Mystery of Biltmore House


Decipher Spanish clues about an American historical event in

The Mystery of the Alamo Ghost


Take to the skies with Orville and Wilbur for the first flight in

The Mystery at Kill Devil Hills!


Get in the holiday spirit with an indoor blizzard in

The White House Christmas Mystery!


Ski to the Mile High City for a snowy adventure in

The Mystery in the Rocky Mountains!


Celebrate Black History Month with a story of freedom in

The Mystery on the Underground Railroad


Hop on a dogsled for the big race in

The Mystery on Alaska's Iditarod Trail!


Race to the USS Constitution on Patriot's Day in

The Mystery on Freedom Trail!


Saddle-up for the biggest horse race in

The Mystery at the Kentucky Derby!


Take a magical mysterious vacation in

The Mystery at Disney World!


Tour the Big Apple's famous landmarks on July 4th in

The Mystery in New York City!


Arrgh, mateys! Board a pirate ship in the frightful

Mystery of Blackbeard the Pirate!

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