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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by Learning Spanish!

Did you know? It's Hispanic Heritage Month!

The National Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of culture and origin of Latinos and Hispanic Americans in the United States. The month-long event begins from September 15 until October 15. The celebration occurs around the same time as national independence days of several Latin American countries including Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile and Belize.

You can celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month by donating to Hispanic charities in the area, learning about Hispanic culture, and honoring influential Hispanic individuals in the community.


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by Learning Spanish!

Do you already speak one language? Of course you do! It lets you talk, read, and think.

You know how to ask for a pizza, more allowance and the bathroom. So, why in the world do you need to learn another language?

That’s a good question!

Here are some good answers—and I’ll bet you can think of a few more:

It doesn’t matter which language you already speak—it isn’t the only language in the world. In fact, it is just one of many. So, why not learn one more—at least?!

Learning a new language will help you with the language you already speak. You’ll discover words that are the same … and words that are very different. It’s like learning to skate, even though you can already ride a bike.

Knowing how to do both helps you be even better at keeping your balance. Knowing more than one language helps you have a better feel for words and what they can do for you.

What can words do for you? Introduce you to new friends… fascinating history … new writers and books … help you travel around the world without getting lost or lonesome … and much, much more.

When should you learn a new language? NOW! If you could start to learn your first language when you were just a baby, you’re sure old enough to start to learn a second (or third or fourth) language now. It’s never too late. Do it for fun. Do it for smarts.

Share your new words with your family and friends.

The more you learn about Spanish, the more you learn about English, other languages, history, people, and the world. That’s a lot to learn and enjoy and add to over the years. It’s the key to new ideas, friendships, understanding and information.

Being able to speak even a little Spanish will open doors to the person willing to take a few minutes to at least think about what Spanish is. Hey—that person is you! Good luck and enjoy yourself!

List out some reasons you want to speak Spanish!

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