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Valentine's Day Friendship Bracelets

Happy Valentine’s Day, CMBC members! For this month’s blog, Cupid has taken over, and we are prioritizing quality time and relationships. What better way to do that than by making friendship bracelets? 

Friendship bracelets are fun, simple, and a perfect activity or gift to do with friends or family. You can either create matching bracelets or add words/names. Some friendship bracelets use beads, while others are made out of string; the options are endless! 

For these friendship bracelets, we will be using beads.

What You’ll Need:

  • Multi-colored plastic beads

  • Letter beads 

  • Tape

  • Stretchy cord

  • Scissors


1. Decide which words you want to put on each bracelet. These can be names, kind messages, or even inside jokes.

2. Measure the bead string and cut it to the size you need. The stretchy bead can stretch a lot, but if you are making it as a gift for someone, it is better to overestimate for size than underestimate; you can always make it smaller afterward!

3. Tape down one side of the cut string on a flat service. 

4. Start adding on the beads! Create patterns or randomize the colors.

5. When you are finished adding the beads, tie 3-4 knots to secure the bracelet.

Give the bracelets away as gifts for Valentine’s Day, or make them with friends!

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