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James Bone – 007 Years Old – Licensed to Dig

The Roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex Romp

(Graphic Novel #3)


The Tyrannosaurus Rex is the biggest dinosaur in history, which makes you wonder what business James, Shovel, Pick, and Diggy have messing with it? In this larger-than-life paleo-adventure, passports are required, and pack your summer clothes for a tropical trek through time in… Canada?

Even with the help of Scotty the dino, this romp will be nothing short of a dino-sized feat for James and his friends to overcome. Dastardly Bonefinger won’t miss the chance to claw the gang's plan to shreds.

In true fashion, Mommypenny’s surprises help to save the day, but watch out — there’s an asteroid headed their way!


Do James, Shovel, Pick, and Diggy make it back in time for Show and Tell? Will they return in another fossil-finding mission? You’ll have to keep reading to find out in this exciting page-turner!

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The Roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex Romp (Graphic Novel #3)



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