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Carole Marsh Mystery Series

Real Kids! Real Places!

The Mystery at Area 51

Christina, Grant, Mimi, Papa visit Papa's good friend who lives on a cattle ranch in Nevada. They land the Mystery Girl on a small airstrip near Area 51 and soon learn that the rancher and his wife have been losing their cattle. While trying to solve the mystery of the missing cattle, Christina and Grant find a ?"rop?"circle clue. Could it be alien abductions? This spooky mystery has the kids traveling in an RV, riding on 4-wheelers, visiting a few ghost towns and getting stuck in a mine. 

LOOK what's inside this mystery - people, places, history and more! 
Place in Nevada: Flyin' R Ranch • Little A'Le'Inn • Area 51 • Mojave Desert • Pahranagat Valley • Ash Springs • Richardville Road • E.T. Highway

Educational Items: S'mores • Cattle ranching • Crop Circles • Shoshone Indians • Sonic booms • The Gold Rush • Map coordinates • Pahranagat Valley: flora, alfalfa and cottonwoods • Air Force • Aircraft testing • Groom Lake • Night vision goggles • Radio transmissions

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The Mystery at Area 51


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