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Carole Marsh Mystery Series

Around the World in 80 Mysteries

The Mystery at Mount Fuji (Tokyo, Japan)

Christina and Grant are studying Japan in school. They are so excited about the mysterious and exotic country that they talk Mimi and Papa into flying the Mystery Girl airplane to Japan. It all seems so beautiful and serene: the gardens, the cherry blossoms, the beautiful geisha. But what about the very large sumo wrestlers, the samurai swords, and who are those ninja, anyway? The ground is shaking, too—from a rumbling volcano and a tummy-tumbling earthquake! Creepy calligraphy clues lead them on a chase through neon-lit Tokyo, a mysterious Japanese garden and via bullet train to the awesome Mt. Fuji! Grab a ticket and join them for all the fun, frights, and adventure! 

LOOK what's in this mystery - people, places, history, and more! 
How to translate English names to Japanese, and how to write them • Japanese manners and customs, and how they differentiate from American ones • Tatami mats • Kanji (Japanese characters) • Samurai including weapons, hara-kiri • Girls' Day and Boys' Day, including traditions of each • Traditions of the kimono, and how to put one on • Sumo wrestling including stables, warm-ups, hairstyles • Cherry Blossom Festival • Earthquakes in Japan • Ring of Fire, volcanoes • Puppet shows and kabuki plays • Japanese gardens. 

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The Mystery at Mount Fuji (Tokyo, Japan)


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