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Carole Marsh Mystery Series

Wildlife Mysteries

The Mystery at Shark Reef

A new shark species has been discovered off the South Carolina coast! Avery and Evan beg to "see real sharks!"-maybe even discover a megalodon (giant prehistoric shark!) tooth. But something’s wrong at the shark reef and the mystery needs to be solved "BEFORE SOMEONE GETS HURT BAD!" "We gotta save the sharks!" Clues lead them on a wild adventure of fun, science, and high-tech gear. "Take a bite of this mystery and you can’t put it down!"

Children learn about the amazing prehistoric megalodon shark, as well as the role sharks play in nature, biodiversity, the food chain, and the need to protect and conserve wildlife. This title is aimed at boys and girls ages 7-14. Before they know it, the kids are mixed up in an adventurous mystery where clues require them to use their best science, technology, engineering and math skills to find the answers! Mystery books have always been a great higher-order, critical –thinking genre, and the "real Kid characters" in this series eagerly get into using high-demand Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills to solve each mystery! 

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The Mystery at Shark Reef


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