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Carole Marsh Mystery Series

Real Kids! Real Places!

The Mystery at Yellowstone National Park

Christina, Grant, Mimi and Papa snowmobile into Yellowstone National Park to encounter mud pots, geysers, bison, beauty, bears, volcanic action, and a mystery of historic proportions! 

LOOK what's in this mystery - people, places, history, and more! 
Yellowstone National Park - History: Largest, most active caldera • Habitats of bison, elk, moose and bears, pika and flies, eagles, mule deer • Wildlife of the park: bison vs. buffalo, mule deer, squirrels, pika, otter, elk, moose and bears, eagles; Grizzlies vs. Black Bears; Bison Facts • Geology: Volcanoes; Earthquakes; Magma; Acidic Levels; Hot Springs facts; Vents; Fumaroles; Fountain Paint Pot facts; Geyser Facts; Thermal Pools; Caldera; Mud pots: Hydrogen sulfide; Rhyolite rock, Volcanic rock, travertine mineral deposits ? Slowcoaches and snowmobiles • Yellowstone Lake facts • Continental Divide facts and history • Lower Falls facts and history • Old Faithful facts • Steamboat Geyser Facts • Appropriate Ski Mobile Gear and Clothing • Video Cameras and Camera's for fun on the trip • Bison paddy's • Ulysses S. Grant • James Mitchell • Bacteria facts and medical uses • Robert Reamer • Park preservation • Map reading • Death in Yellowstone • Shoshone Indians: Food: Pemmican. 

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The Mystery at Yellowstone National Park


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