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Carole Marsh Mystery Series

Around the World in 80 Mysteries

The Mystery of the Crystal Castle (Bavaria, Germany)

Christina and Mimi are uber-excited to visit a famous castle in Germany. They call it the Crystal Castle. ìI think it looks like a fairytale castle,î says Christina. Little does she know dark mystery's afoot! Grant and Papa are less excited. But that's until the Mystery Girl lands and they discover Octoberfest underway. And, yet, again: MYSTERY'S AFOOT! See if you can translate the German clues and figure out what's going on and why Grant is SNEEZING so much! And who is Jason Hewitt, anyway? An uber-adventure, for sure! Nothing is quite what it seems, it seems! Spooky! 

LOOK what’s inside this mystery – people, places, history and more! 
Places in Germany: Little Bavaria Inn • Bavarian Alps • Neuschwanstein Castle • Fairy Tale Road • Rapunzel’s Tower • Brothers Grimm Museum • Bavarian National Museum • Munich Airport • Georgia • Bremen • Hanau

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The Mystery of the Crystal Castle (Bavaria, Germany)


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