Carole Marsh Mystery Series

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The Mystery of the Haunted Ghost Town

One Dead Eye Dick! One wild west woman! One ghost town! One, no two, no 20 ghhoossttss! And four kids tumbleweeding their way through a frightening mystery! When the Mystery Girl puts down in Boot Hill, the die is cast! New friends - and enemies: some real, some perhaps not, foil the kids attempts to solve the mystery of why living, breathing towns become ghost towns.

LOOK what's in this mystery - people, places, history, and more! 
Cowboy attire • General cowboy lifestyle • Boot Hill Cemetery history • Tombstone, AR history • Old West history • Navajo symbols • Mining facts • Hendersonville history • Pollution from mining • Branding cattle • Camping materials • Tombstone Courthouse Museum • OK Corral • Sunshine Gap, Arizona • Eureka Gulch, Arizona • Bisbee, Arizona • Hendersonville, Arizona • Rose Tree Inn. 

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The Mystery of the Haunted Ghost Town



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