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Carole Marsh Mystery Series

Three Amigos

The Riddle of the Ooglie Booglie

When the Three Amigos get stuck spending the afternoon at Professor Peterson's “brown, lumpy” house, they are BORED! That is, until they open the oddball professor's refrigerator and screech “YUUUUUUUUUUCK!” The curious things they discover inside are a true riddle to solve. It will require the Three Amigos to enter the big, metal Frankenstein-like door! Inside there is much to see that makes no sense to them. After all, “What is an Ooglie Booglie, anyway?” says Grant. The answer surprises them...and will ASTOUND you! Join these “best buds” for a whopping good adventure!

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The Riddle of the Ooglie Booglie


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