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Carole Marsh Mystery Series

Real Kids! Real Places!

The White House Christmas Mystery

A surprise Christmas treat of a private tour of the White House soon turns into a harrowing adventure during a blizzard of snow and clues that lead four kids directly to the Oval Office. 

LOOK what's in this mystery - people, places, history, and more! 
Purpose and types of Secret Service agents • Formation of Washington D.C. • Dolley Madison and the 1814 fire in the White House • Design and construction of the White House • Function of the White House today • President's job description • Information on the different rooms in the White House • Glow sticks used by the Marines • James Madison and James Monroe candlesticks • White House holiday pageant • Presidential china • Situation Room v Dumbwaiter • Presidential pets • Code names for the president. 

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The White House Christmas Mystery


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