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James Bone – 007 Years Old – Licensed to Dig

The Vicious Velociraptor Venture

(Graphic Novel #4)


It's a sight for ‘saur’ eyes as James and friends (and villains!) return for another dino-tastic adventure. Your favorite explorers are back to take on another big dino that made it to the big screen — the vicious Velociraptor!

In the last adventure the gang found themselves on the wrong side of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but will this dig site be easier to map out? Thanks to Mommypenny, the kids take a trip down Silk Road and land in the sand dunes of Mongolia.

What is there to discover in the sand dunes? Will Bonehead throw a fossil in their adventure plans? And what do a monsoon and a camel have to do with solving the mystery before James has to be back for Show and Tell?

The Vicious Velociraptor Venture delivers at every turn, but it’s up to you to turn the pages to find out how the adventure plays out.

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The Vicious Velociraptor Venture (Graphic Novel #4)



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