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Exciting News & a SECRET MESSAGE

Hello there! We are so happy to see you back on the Mystery Club blog!

You have just taken your first steps to being a member of the Carole Marsh Mystery Club! In the following months, those who sign up will receive newsletters from the Mystery Club Team with all sorts of exclusive information about the books.

Contests! News and Trivia! Games! Activities! Be the first to hear everything new and spectacular about all things Carole Marsh Mysteries! Most importantly, you’ll be the first to know about new books and events!

For instance, there’s going to be a big announcement coming soon! And I do mean BIG! Like, Statue of Liberty big! That’s how BIG it will be! I wish I could tell you more, but I can’t! Ok… Maybe a hint? It involves some of our upcoming stories that I am actually still writing! Ok, that’s all you get! No more hints. Ok, ok, one more hint, but to see it, you have to download and put together our Mystery Club Secret Decoder!

7-15-15-2 23-15-5 8 10-25-1 5-25-8-7 2-16-17-20, 5-25-8-7 9-7-8-4-25-20 26-24-20-14-25-5-24 8-3-15-6-14 20-25-8-14-14-7-25 4-15-26-16-10-18 16-10 8-9-5-16-7!

(Remember to use the blue code to get the right message!)

Look out for more of our emails and blog posts, and be sure to tell your friends all about us! Until next time, just keep reading! I wouldn’t be writing books now if I didn’t start out by reading as many books as I could get my hands on!

XO, Carole

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