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Our Trip to Massachusetts rocked!

Hey Mystery Solvers,

Hope your summer was great! It’s Grant again, and I have to be the first one to tell you… we went on another adventure! This time Christina and I traveled to Massachusetts. Have you ever been there? Massachusetts is the state with Plymouth Rock!! How cool is that? I just learned about the Pilgrims, Indians and Plymouth Rock in History class last year.

When Mimi first told us we were going, I pictured the big Thanksgiving feast from 1620 and was secretly hoping it was still happening (I’m always hungry). Unfortunately, the feast had already ended. :/ But we had plenty to keep us entertained, we found another mystery to solve! Actually, I’m starting to think the mysteries find us.

First, a fire started on its very own! How does that happen?? I can’t even start one by myself! While trying to solve that mystery, we found footprints in the sand with only three toes. We tried to avoid getting involved in this mystery, but then Christina got a text message from a mysterious person. Our friends we met along the way helped us solve the mystery, they were Indian and Pilgrim reenactors. Have you ever met a reenactor before? They pretend to be people from real historical events. It was so cool! They taught us so much more about the Pilgrims and Indians.

Okay, Christina won’t let me tell you anymore about our adventure (she can be so bossy), so please read it soon! You might be able to figure out the mystery on your own. Let me know if like Mystery at Plymouth Rock or if you know where we should go next!

You can read the first few chapters of the book HERE!

Have a great school year!


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