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Celebrate World Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day is on February 1, 2019. Here are 6 Carole Marsh books perfect for reading with family and friends to celebrate this day.

Mimi, Papa, Avery, Ella, Evan and Sadie head for the Louisiana bayou country, When Avery finds a mysterious map, strange events begin to occur! Suddenly they are all in the middle of a Cajun mystery involving curious clues, menacing alligators, spooky bayou boat rides, and... gulp... the legendary, scary rougarou?!

Ms. Bogus’ class has gone bonkers! The first day of school, she discovers that her classroom is full of Wild Things! You know: a shark, bear, dolphin, snake, gator, spider, and more! Young readers quickly learn that you have a choice to be "good" or "wild"…and that it’s best to get over yourself and get along…because Ms. Bogus does NOT put up with Wild Things!

Two children, Harold and Elizabeth, live in a prison, a debtor's prison, to be exact. It is part of a large structure once known as the Atlanta Stockade. Their home is part of a large structure once known as the Atlanta Stockade, Although their stories take place more than 100 years apart, their lives are connected.

Devon is a regular third-grader... well, sort of. Devon seems to have an awful lot of hair and a lot of big teeth. Devon's friends insist that he is not a werewolf but his teachers think otherwise. Seems like there's some explaining to do - about how kids don't all develop in the same way. As for Devon, he just likes to sing and dance!

Avery, Ella, and Evan love dolphins! So when they get invited to see them up close and personal, they jump at the chance - just like their new dolphin pals Marco and Polo! But when dolphins start disappearing all along the coast, the kids are determined to find out what- or who-is the culprit! "We're got to save the dolphins!"

A trip to the beach starts out as fun until best-friends Leah Criss, Sara Cross, and Aimee Applesauce begin to get clues to a mystery - from a shark! Is Dad playing a trick on them? Who is the pretty girl? The surfer? Is the lifeguard in on the practical joke? Or is it no joke at all? Put on your swimsuit (the color green is left) and join the girls as they try to solve the puzzle of the Shark Surfer Girl!

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