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Celebrate Carole Marsh!

Hi Fan Club,

Did you know that next month on October 31st (yes, Halloween) Carole Marsh's company, Gallopade turns 40! If you have ever purchased a Carole Marsh Mystery, Thank You! because you helped make 40 years happen. How long have you been reading Carole Marsh books?

To celebrate this huge accomplishment, I have attached a blank book cover and I would love to see as many of you readers as possible, take some time to design a cover! It can be of a book that you have already read or you can make up your own mystery location. Just use your imagination and come up with your best work! I'll be delivering these designs to Carole Marsh so she can see how awesome her young fans are.

Also, if you would like, you can send in a special message to Carole Marsh too! Just send your book cover design and a message to!

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