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Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

Did you know Earth Day is this month? On April 22nd we celebrate the planet and all of its creatures and organisms. Read more to learn how you can change the planet AND enjoy these for coloring pages from the National Park Coloring Book !

Save the Planet and Everything on it!

It is important for young learners like you to realize, people have the ability to either harm or help the environment. Each day, humans make choices that affect Earth in negative or positive ways.

People can affect Earth in a negative way by using increasing amounts of natural resources like freshwater or trees. Other examples of the negative impacts of people include air, water,

and soil pollution, and the massive amounts of garbage and waste people produce every day.

  • Resource demand – As the number of people in the world grows, a strain is put on natural resources that people need. Some resources, like fossil fuels, cannot be replaced.

  • Pollution – Humans have been very successful in creating products and technologies to improve their lives. However, many of those products and technologies have led to pollution in the soil, water, and air from waste and byproducts.

  • Waste production – The average American throws away about 4 pounds of trash per day. Think how much that is in a year—and that’s just garbage generated in the United States!

You may be thinking, “These are such big problems to solve!” You may believe there is nothing you can do to help save and improve the environment. But every day, people can make choices that affect Earth in positive ways. Examples include:

  • Plant trees – Trees release oxygen and help provide homes and resources for animals.

  • Drive less – Ride a bike, walk, or carpool as a way to cut down on air pollution and use less fuel.

  • Save water – Don’t waste water! Take shorter showers, and don’t leave the faucet running.

  • Save energy – Turn off any electronics or lights when they are not in use.

  • Recycle and Reuse – Recycle bottles, cans, and boxes instead of just throwing them away. Buy products that can be reused in a different way.

  • Buy biodegradable products that will break down easily in the environment.

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