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Host a Mystery Party!

Hi, CMBC members! Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate Halloween? Well, look no further! Here's your guide to hosting a Carole Marsh Mystery Party, complete with downloadable invitations, decorations, and games. Ask your guests to dress up like detectives and "solve" a mystery for even more fun!


Print out these invitations, fill them out, and send them to all your friends!


After printing the banner, ask a parent to help you cut the letters. Next, tape each letter to a long piece of ribbon or twine to spell "Mystery Party." Hang the banner on a wall or along the edge of a table.

Cupcake Toppers

Decorate cupcakes with these cool magnifying glass toppers! Print the toppers, carefully cut them out, and glue the front and back to a toothpick. Then, insert the toothpick into a cupcake.

Water Bottle Labels

Print out these labels, cut along the lines, wrap them around water bottles, and tape the ends together. Voila! You now have one-of-a-kind water bottles!

Clue Cards

It's time to solve a mystery! Hide something (like a stuffed animal or a book) in your house. Print out these "clue cards" and write a different clue on each card about where the missing object is hidden. Then, give your guests the "clue cards" and tell them to use the clues to find the lost item.

Detective Cards

Each guest is now a detective! Before they get to sleuthin', they need to write down their name and stamp their fingerprints on their detective card. They can also use these cards to help them solve the mystery by keeping track of the clues.

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