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Make a Melted Snowman!

Happy January, CMBC members! The holidays are officially over, and in many parts of the U.S., it's freezing outside! This time of year is perfect for bundling up in sweaters, building snowmen, and enjoying leftover hot chocolate packets from Christmas! Playing outside in the snow is ideal, but for those who live in areas without snow, what can they do? Make a melted snowman, of course! Check out this adorable snowman craft idea you can create to have your own indoor “snow day!"

What You’ll Need:

  • Construction paper (blue, red, brown, black, orange)

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Googly eyes

  • Glue or tape

  • White paint

  • Paintbrush


1.) Grab a piece of blue construction paper and the white paint and paint away! Let the paint look messy, almost like a white blob!

2.) Cut out a top hat, scarf, and arms out of construction paper. I used some wintery ribbon I found for the scarf; improvise however you like.

3. Tape or glue the cutouts onto the snowman and add googly eyes.

4. Sign your name, and you will be left with an adorable and hilarious “melting snowman!”

Thanks to KiwiCo for this fun craft idea when it is cold outside but not cold enough to snow!

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